I want everything to be transparent, so here is the information
you should need, everything from prices to what is included

What’s included?

A full range of interviews to tease out the story you want told. Together we will go through your memories, thoughts, experiences and relevant details. This is based on up to 20 hours of actual interview time, spread over several periods. (Or if you buy this as a gift, I will obviously talk to the fortunate recipient.)

The interviews are taped and those tapes are then transcribed. From those and my own notes as well as any other material like diaries or reports, I write the book – your book.

What next?

You and I then go through the manuscript, making changes and revisions until everyone is happy. The manuscript is then given to a professional proof reader to catch any remaining errors or omissions.The book is then designed, including cover, end papers, body pages, images and so on. Again you will be involved during this process.

Finally, I will manage the printing of a very high-quality book to the agreed specification.

Standard package includes

20 hrs of face-to-face interviews
20 hrs of face-to-face interviews

This includes travel time and costs but if it requires an overnight stay then appropriate costs will be extra. Some of the interviews can be done by phone, Skype or whatever medium works for the subject.

Writing of the manuscript
Writing of the manuscript

The writing of the manuscript, including incorporating reasonable changes from both subject and author.


Appropriate imagery scanned in, typically photos or paperwork.

The creation of an index
The creation of an index

Everyone wants to see if they’re mentioned, and a professional index will be popular.

25,000 to 30,000 words
25,000 to 30,000 words

The book of around 25,000 to 30,000 words, typically up to 128 pages.

Yours to keep
Yours to keep

Delivery of 50 copies, full-colour hardback, high-quality covers and paper stock.

If requested we can make the book available online through channels such as Amazon so the general public can buy a copy. This includes acquiring ISBNs and ensuring all rights are in place.

We then print the book to the specification agreed. Included are 50 full-colour hardback copies of your personal book. This is a very high-quality product.

We will then deliver the books to you. Naturally you can order more if you wish, at cost. We will also then return to you all manuscript, tapes, transcriptions, papers and anything else under secure delivery. The copyright stays with you upon delivery, so it remains your property.

That is a fully comprehensive service, with the highest levels of professional expertise applied. Anything less and I would not be prepared to put my name to it.

Extras and options

Extras & Options

I aim to include everything most people need in the standard package, but there are a few situations where additional costs may be incurred:

Where the subject is outside of England and face-to-face interviews are appropriate.

Additional copies of the book – delivered at cost.

Special covers – everything from metal to embossed leather and – if you really want – Swarovski crystals is available.

Where more than 20 hours of interviewing is required due to reasons connected to the subject matter or the subject’s personal situation. In all cases, costs will be either passed on directly or, in the case of my time, will be reasonable. Wherever possible, any extras will be agreed either before the contract is signed or as soon as the potential situation arises.

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