A little bit about me

Before you share your memories with me, it seems only polite that I properly introduce myself to you

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I’ve worked in virtually every editorial position in publishing, from magazines to books – journalist, sub editor, production editor, editor, publisher. I have rock-solid credentials for the entire publishing process.

Running my own creative agency for a decade allowed me to work with some blue-chip clients including a leading charity, a vehicle PLC and a government agency, as well as local small businesses and some brilliant individuals.

As mentioned on the Homepage, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people, including European royalty, people on the Sunday Times Rich List and those who are used to being seen by literally billions around the globe. Such people are not always the easiest to interview.

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I do believe that travel broadens the mind and I’ve been fortunate to see quite a lot of the planet and meet the extraordinary people who live in it, everyone from a Saharan petrol distributor in North Sudan to a camel herder in Outer Mongolia, from an Italian conservationist in the Amazon to a cattle breeder in the middle of Australia (who had a huge pet python around the house).

Everywhere I met the most amazing people with the most incredible stories to tell and I count myself very fortunate to have met so many. Turning those meetings into stories has always been a thrill, one I never tire of.

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I’m an award-winning writer (Writer of the Year in the Jet Awards) and have published six non-fiction books as well as – Banished to the Forest – the first in a series of children’s books.

I have the experience to craft the best possible story of your life. I’m easy to get along with, and feel the art of interviewing people and telling their story to be both an honour and a privilege.

I also make everything clear and transparent, so please have a look at the Services page to see costs, services and options. Then please contact me to see if we’d be a good fit together.

I really look forward to crafting your personal story, so please do call me for a chat without any obligation.

Is your story next?

It would be a privilege to bring your story to life.