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Give something back
Give something back

Are you at retirement age and looking to give something back to your children and society?

Tell your own tale
Tell your own tale

Has your life been a baby boomer rollercoaster that would make a terrific and attractive tale?

Immortalise your story
Immortalise your story

Do you want your mother or father’s experiences to be immortalised for future generations?

Graham Scott, My Memoirs and Me

Who am I?

I’m an award-winning, experienced, mature writer, crafting your story for you, your audience and for future generations. I offer a truly personal service publishing memoirs or ghostwriting autobiographies for just a small handful of people a year.

I’ve worked in virtually every editorial position in publishing, from magazines to books – journalist, sub editor, production editor, editor, publisher. I have rock-solid credentials for the entire publishing process.

I have the experience to craft the best possible story of your life. I’m easy to get along with, and feel the art of interviewing people and telling their story to be both an honour and a privilege.

What we craft together

What we produce together is whatever you want it to be – a memoir, history or commercially publishable book.

The result will be not only a timeless tribute to the subject’s life, but it will also serve as a valuable resource for your children and generations to come.

The finished book will be a top-quality hardback, in colour. We use a range of printers to ensure the perfect result for the particular book. We can of course show you examples.

I’m not the only service offering help with writing your memoirs or autobiography and I’m certainly not the cheapest. So why should you choose me, Graham Scott?

What we craft together

Why should you choose me, Graham Scott?

Because that is exactly what you will get: me
Because that is exactly what you will get: me

There’s no sales team, no promises of a range of writers with different levels of expertise. I will be dealing with the whole project personally, from the interviews to writing, editing and, with expert professionals, through to publication in whatever format you want, from paperback
or ebook to a gorgeous hardback bound in leather or studded with Swarovski crystals.

I’ve worked in publishing for about 40 years
I’ve worked in publishing for about 40 years

I’ve been everything from staff journalist to publisher before going on to run my own full-service creative agency for a decade or more. I’ve written for over 100 magazines; published six non-fiction books and, when I turned 60, published my first children’s novel.

From Sir Rocco Forte to ex-F1 team boss Ross Brawn
From Sir Rocco Forte to ex-F1 team boss Ross Brawn

In that time I’ve interviewed a wide range of people, from hotelier Sir Rocco Forte to ex-F1 team boss Ross Brawn; from Stefano Casiraghi (who was then the husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco), to Carla
Diana, the Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur. The interviews were for everything from The Financial Times to Hello!, from Top Gear to
Country Life.


A few kind words

  • 'What would I do without Graham Scott? From the very
    first time he helped me I knew he had taken the time to
    appreciate my story and understood how passionate I
    was about sharing it with the world.

    He is my go-to man for all my editing needs.'

    —Morag Turner (

  • ‘It has been my pleasure and privilege to have worked with Graham Scott on a variety of editorial projects for more than twenty years. The standard of his writing never falters, and the quality of his ideas never fails to impress. He is a consummate professional who knows how to take a brief and welcomes feedback. I have no hesitation in recommending him.’

    — Alan Harper, Magazine Editor

  • ‘Graham Scott has supported my writing adventures for over five years and his advice, knowledge of the industry and editing skills are always excellent. In addition, his ability to listen, ask appropriate questions and then help me craft something sensible is always impressive. I would recommend him without hesitation.’

    — Guy Ellis (

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